This blog is dedicated to gathering information on various art challenges scattered all over the web. There are a whole lot of sites and forums that offer the opportunity to participate in friendly competitions, and these competitions are great ways to jump start your own personal work and get feedback and recognition along the way.

For a while now, I've wanted to gather a list of these challenges and keep track of them so that I can participate and push myself in a variety of directions. So I decided to create this blog as a resource to those looking for artistic challenges and opportunities to participate in the community of artists online.

I am a 2D concept artist myself, so a majority of these challenges-- at least at the inception of this blog-- are related to 2D concept art. I have thrown in a few 3D challenges, though.

Due to the variety of rules and requirements among the challenges I've gathered, I am probably not going to give any more information than topics and links. Please follow the links to the respective competitions to learn more about their rules.

Thanks for participating and best of luck!