Saturday, July 3, 2010

Inaugural Post

 So this post officially kicks off an idea I've had for a while now to gather a resource for finding and participating in online art challenges. Please read the About page on the blog for a description of the blog's purpose. Over the next few weeks, I'll be updating the appearance of the blog and hopefully making it a bit snazzier. Feel free to offer suggestions that could make the blog as helpful and efficient as possible.

I'm not exactly sure what format I'll use for posting new challenges just yet, but this first post will show what challenges are available at the time of this post. I'll either do a new post for each new challenge in the future, or I may combine several challenges into a single post depending on when they are revealed. I'm open to suggestion, if any of you have any ideas. Here's what's available now:

Challenge: CGHub- 2D Drawing Jam
Topic: "Cthulu"
Due Date: July 12

Challenge: Character of the Week
Topic: "Captain of the Sky Pirates"
Due Date: July 11

Challenge: Industrial Design of the Week
Topic: "Anti-Riot Vehicle"
Due Date: July 6

Good luck to all!

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